advocacy doesn’t see race, creed, or color


I never know who will sit in the shopping cart where I’ve placed educational literature (that I paid for) so parents can become better informed. This is ONE of many examples of advocacy.
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I had not intended to share this publicly, but in light of @wa_freedom_keepers post regarding the misinformation shared by a national public radio station (KUOW FM 94.9), I share what happened to me, an “ex” vaxxer, Friday… because apparently rumor has it that if you don’t vaccinate, you’re racist. Sigh…
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I pulled into my driveway, opened my car door, grabbed my things, and nearly jumped out of my skin when I heard a junior high boy plead, “Can you help me?!” Looking a bit panicked, he explained, “I’m supposed to meet my mom at 2:00……” It was 1:54.
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Long story short, there was a misplaced cellphone and a broken bike involved. He was thankful, as I drove him, as well as his friends (another story), to a nearby jr high school to meet his mom. I don’t recommend giving rides to strangers, but these boys needed a mom.
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One young student needed to get back to his apartment where he lived with his grandmother. On the way, he asked if I happened to have a snack, an unusual request for a stranger. He mentioned that he felt his sugar getting low. I asked if he was diabetic. He politely said, “Yes, ma’am.” When we discovered that his grandma wasn’t home, I offered to buy him something to eat & drink. No way was I about to leave him, knowing all he had in his school bag was insulin. We got to know each other through the Chick-fil-A drive-thru. It made me miss our years in youth ministry. He was returned safely to his grandmother’s.
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A Hispanic boy reached out to a white suburban mom who helped several Hispanic and black eighth graders. I only share ALL of this because it’s good to be reminded…
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We have MORE… More unity than hate, more care than callous, more acceptance than prejudice, more community than isolation, and… more of God working things out for our good than we could possibly know.

Advocacy doesn’t see race, creed, or color. And being hands & feet for Jesus doesn’t discriminate either.


but… what about the other diseases??


Where’s the mass hysteria over the hundreds of cases of leprosy?
Oh, that’s right, the media hasn’t told us to panic.
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We are NOT vaccinated against:‬
‪African sleeping sickness (African trypanosomiasis) Trypanosoma brucei‬
‪Angiostrongyliasis Angiostrongylus‬
‪Anisakiasis Anisakis‬
‪Arcanobacterium haemolyticum infection‬
‪Argentine hemorrhagic fever Junin virus‬
‪Astrovirus infection‬
‪Bacillus cereus infection‬
‪Bacterial pneumonia (multiple bacteria)‬
‪Bacterial vaginosis‬
‪Bacteroides infection‬
‪Baylisascaris infection Baylisascaris species‬
‪BK virus infection BK virus‬
‪Black piedra‬
‪Bolivian hemorrhagic fever Machupo virus‬
‪Brazilian hemorrhagic fever‬
‪Bubonic plague‬
‪Burkholderia infection‬
‪Calicivirus infection (Norovirus and Sapovirus)‬
‪Candidiasis (Moniliasis; Thrush) usually Candida albicans and other Candida species‬
‪Capillariasis Intestinal disease by Capillaria philippinensis, hepatic disease by Capillaria hepatica and pulmonary disease by Capillaria aerophila‬
‪Carrion´s disease Bartonella bacilliformis‬
‪Cat-scratch disease Bartonella henselae‬
‪Cellulitis usually Group A Streptococcus and Staphylococcus‬
‪Chagas Disease (American trypanosomiasis) Trypanosoma cruzi‬
‪Chancroid Haemophilus ducreyi‬
‪Chikungunya Alphavirus‬
‪Chlamydia Chlamydia trachomatis‬
‪Chlamydophila pneumoniae infection (Taiwan acute respiratory agent or TWAR) Chlamydophila pneumoniae‬
‪Cholera Vibrio cholerae‬
‪Chromoblastomycosis usually Fonsecaea pedrosoi‬
‪Chytridiomycosis Batrachochytrium dendrabatidis‬
‪Clonorchiasis Clonorchis sinensis‬
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Plus the THOUSANDS of other infectious diseases that begin with the letters C-Z.


Common Sense



I’m not anti-vaccine, I’m pro common sense.
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It’s common sense to question why a Doctor would force vaccinating a child against an STD on the day of their birth when both parents are clean.
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It’s common sense to disagree with the legality of my Doctor receiving bonuses based on the number of patients he vaccinates.
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It’s common sense to question the integrity of a 60 billion dollar industry that successfully bought legislation that makes them free of all liability when they cause harm.
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It’s common sense to be concerned when vaccine producers “donate” millions of dollars every year to the people who help determine the suggested vaccine schedule. (Academy of Pediatrics)
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It’s common sense to question the integrity of a system where the former Director of the CDC is now Vice President for the largest vaccine producer in the world.
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It’s common sense to “actually” read the box insert before vaccinating.
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It’s common sense to weigh the risk verses benefit, like any other medication.
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It’s common sense to find out for yourself the number of people that have been adversely affected by vaccines.
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It’s common sense that it’s wrong to pay injured families only if they agree to be silent about their adverse reactions.
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It’s common sense that the number of adverse reactions are flawed because most go unreported.
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It’s common sense that when “risk of death” is listed as a side effect on a vaccine, for a disease that isn’t life threatening, it might not be worth giving to my healthy child.
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It’s common sense to question western medicine when 60 years ago they encouraged pregnant women to smoke.
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It’s common sense to question western medicine because of how long they knew cigarettes cause cancer, but remained silent due to the amount of money that was involved.
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It’s common sense to be weary of everything when our country is the sickest it has ever been.
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It’s common sense that most people aren’t willing to do the research, but I was, and I won’t stop the pursuit of a less corrupt medical system.
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I’m not anti-vaccine, I’m pro common sense.
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-Judith Arancibia