“we know too much”


We know too much. If you see one of these kids with severe autism, what would you do to prevent the suffering you see?  These kids are in pain for 20 years, screaming and pounding their heads against a wall, because their heads hurt so much.
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And these are kids who ought to be writing poetry, producing plays, leading bands, running for political office, working for newspapers, running big corporations; instead, they’re in diapers and a football helmet pounding their head against the wall and they can’t speak and they’re never going to go on a date, use a toilet, be married, earn money, pay taxes.
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What would you do to prevent that from happening to one of them? What would you sacrifice? What would you give up to save just ONE kid from that agony?
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Compound that times a million kids who are suffering like that and you don’t have a choice. We should burn our houses down and say that we’re not going to do anything but this because this is the apocalypse — when government and corporations have the power to forcefully poison an entire generation of kids with untested, zero liability medical interventions.”
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The Vaccine Conversation with Melissa and Dr. Bob,
A Historical Legacy & Fighting the Good Fight
with Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Ep 73 @melissasuzannemusic @drbobsears

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