risking ridicule and reputation

It is a religious belief when you present a physician, or somebody who believes it and doesn’t know why they believe it, with contrary information – they immediately get very defensive, angry, incensed, and furious. I understand that because it means that everything they have been taught is topsy-turvy and really messed up. If that’s true, then they’ve been lied to.
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They’re not consciously thinking all of this, but I’ve analyzed it… Everything they’ve been taught, they’ve been lied to. If that’s not true, then what else isn’t true? I’ve had doctors tell me —- I don’t want to know anymore because I’ll have to change the way I practice and I just can’t do that. It’s overwhelming.
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Some doctors who are really smart can’t hear it. They’re yelling at me —- You’re a quack and you’re dangerous and you’re killing patients.
– Dr. Toni Bark, The Truth About Vaccines

Dr. Toni, brave enough to question the status quo, risking ridicule and reputation. You truly were, and still are, one of the best – a fearless health freedom activist.
RIP… @doctorsensation