forsaking God for the sake of {science}

This is a tough one. I started this post in my notes weeks go. I’ll warn you. It’s heart-heavy. And I’m thankful many of you are finding your voice! Because we cannot afford to turn a blind eye.
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Do you recognize these statements? “It was only 2 abortions a long time ago!” “They were going to be aborted anyway!” “Well, at least we don’t have polio!” or “That’s not true.”
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But was it “only” 2 babies? Were they REALLY going to be aborted anyway? How I WISH all of this were NOT true! It’s a shameful era that many, even the church, refuse to acknowledge.

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In 1910, with Laughlin as director in the newly formed Eugenics Record Office, they sought to weed out the undesirables in society. Guess who it was funded by?? The Harriman and Rockefeller families and the Carnegie Institute. SHOCKER, right? Abortion was already legal and acceptable if it meant ending the life of a child who would be born to a “feeble-minded” woman –  one who might end up less than perfect or who might have to rely on society to pay for their care, including unwed mothers. It should be noted that Laughlin rubbed elbows with Margaret Sanger, Foster Kennedy, and… Hitler. The U.S. set up the sterilization prototype for other nations. Awesome.
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As early as 1936, forced abortions were legal and performed under the U.S. “Model Eugenic Sterilization Law” of 1922 and used in polio research. Forced abortion and sterilization (ethnic cleansing) continued into the early 1970s. And… if it worked for polio, why not rubella, etc.? For more on the eugenics rabbit hole, start with:
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Human embryos of two and one-half to five months gestation were obtained from the gynecological department of the Toronto General Hospital…NO macerated specimens were used and in many of the embryos the heart was STILL BEATING at the time of receipt in the virus laboratory. -Drs. Thicke, Duncan, Rhodes
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My heart canNOT even fathom this kind of evil. Listed as ingredients, we’ve reduced these precious babies to mere letters and numbers, but God has already given them a name.

RA273: Rubella Virus used in Rubella and MMR vaccines
R=Rubella, A=Abortion, 27=27th aborted baby, 3=3rd Tissue where virus was isolated
*67 abortions to produce rubella virus plus 32 abortions to produce the cell line for cultivation means there was a total of at least 99 elective abortions to create the rubella vaccine alone.
WI-38:  Wistar Institute, Specimen No. 38, 32nd Abortion (female)
WI-26:  Wistar Institute, Specimen No. 26, 20th Abortion (male)
WI-44:  Wistar Institute, Specimen No. 44, 38th Abortion (female)
MRC-5:  Medical Research Council, Abortion No. 5 (male)
HEK-293: Human Embryonic Kidney, Specimen No. 293
IMR-90:  Abortion in US; Coriell Cell Repository (female)
IMR-91:  Abortion in US; Coriell Cell Repository (male)
Lambda.hE1: Abortion in US for “psychosocial indications
PER C6:  Abortion in Netherlands
WALVAX2:  Abortion in China, 9th Abortion (female)

Did you know that you can buy human cells online? It’s big money. Forsaking God for the sake of science. I don’t believe God had this in mind as an exception to the rule, when He commanded us not to kill. The church doesn’t speak for me. I stand before God alone.

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(Ep. 81: Which Vaccines Contain Human Fetal Components?)

Lord, help us…


baby picture credit: @katieeterry