this was {never} about health

This started as a small Facebook post, but quickly snowballed. Deleting most of it, I decided to share it here instead. Facebook is rough for me these days, as well as, venturing out into the sea of masked faces. A constant reminder of how easily controlled the masses have become. Sigh…

They are skipping animal trails (for the record, I don’t support animal testing either) and now seek to test children. Where do these children typically come from? Foster care. Lord, help us.

What could go wrong? J & J recently halted their trail due to adverse effects.  For those who are aware of what is happening, this is not shocking news. Injuries are NOT rare.

Gates says this will require (at least) 2 shots. If you watch the video, you might find yourself a bit distracted by his talking hands, like I was. Seriously.

This was always about government overreach, never about our health. If they cared, they would stop systematically poisoning our air (just ask Bill Gates about that one), water, AND food. They would get back to finding sources of illness rather than treating symptoms.

Think they wouldn’t knowingly poison us? I recommend watching the movie Dark Waters and the documentary which goes along with it, The Devil We Know.

Okay… I’m pushing away from the computer now, listening to worship music and cleaning house…


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