future {leaders}

Please stop covering the beautiful faces of your impressionable children. While we’ve examined the health implications of short-term use to exhaustion, we do NOT know the LONG term effects – physical, psychological, nor spiritual.

Littles made to wear a face covering today ???? ??? ???????? ??? ????????? when we will be “required” to get a covid vax as a means to “love our neighbor” tomorrow. Think it’s bad today? These future leaders will be the ones enforcing new mandates – without critical thinking skills.
Overall empathy levels will be lower based on today’s distancing and face coverings [also research fluoride – rabbit hole], causing lack of meaningful interaction. Here’s one small example of the effects of facemasks on empathy and relational continuity: a randomised controlled trial in primary care: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3879648/
When out and about, please make every effort to make eye contact with littles. Speak up louder. Smile bigger. I do! ???????? ???? ?? ??? ????? and know there are people who walk against the current of unconstitutional government.


And Lord help the teachers being asked to enforce these “guidelines”. Personally, I pray they refuse to enforce these harmful guidelines. If you haven’t started planning, now would be a great time to consider homeschool. There will be so much stress on agenda and rules – less on [real] education. The road less traveled is never easy, but it’s a decision we’ve NEVER regretted. And our kiddos turned out pretty normal.  For real… They’re pretty amazing little adults.

Video: Dr. Jim Meehan M.D. (YouTube deleted)


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