Expose Bill Gates (pt 5)

There’s SO much overwhelming information swirling around right now, so I’m just going to forge ahead, closing out this Gates series (no. 5 – but we could go on and on) with the elephant in the room. I’ve hesitated to post because it’s a weird one.
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Gates WAS (might still be – WHO KNOWS at this point) friends with Epstein (who did not kill himself) AFTER serving 13 mths of an 18 mth sentence for 2 counts of soliciting pr0stituti0n. There’s MUCH information available online to support a stronger relationship than Gates apparently confesses to, but this is a start…
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Aaaaand then there’s this. Bill and Melinda Gates supposedly died in 2013, according to ancestry.com. I don’t know what to believe anymore. Are the Gates we see today clones (yes, it’s a thing) to encourage the NWO agenda? Is it just different lighting and angles? Do they vax their own family? Are the kids even theirs? I don’t know!  But I DO know that something ain’t right about them. And I want nothing to do with their demonic depopulation agenda.

If their “philanthropy” were truly doing good things, there would be no reason to pay people to control the narrative. The work should speak for itself.
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Is 2020 over yet?

For more, click here to read what the Corbett Report had to say about Gates.


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