{TRUE} informed consent

Why is it that every single medication is KNOWN to have side effects, yet we DENY that vaccines have side effects?
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Were you shown/given/read a VIS (Vaccine Information Statement) at your child’s appointment?  https://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/hcp/vis/current-vis.html
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According to the NCVIA, it is required that your doctor use a VIS, making you aware of the “benefits” and risks PRIOR to each vax.  Statements are “written at a 10th grade reading level” — as a courtesy for those of us without a PhD, I’m sure. I digress…

Each “informed consent” story I hear or read seems the same.  Doctors believe benefits outweigh any risk. If your child is injured, your doctor may refuse treatment for pointing to the biological weapon that caused said injury… and you will be laughed out the door.

We’ve gone from 12.8% chronic illness in the 1980s when our children got 11 vaccines to now 54% of our children with chronic illness now that we get 54 vaccines. -Del Bigtree
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Were you informed that the synthetic Vit K jab comes with a black box warning? Were you informed that SIDS and autism are listed on the DTaP insert?

How can an uninformed doctor (unaware of ingredients and potential adverse effects) give TRUE informed consent?

Ignorance may be (temporary) bliss, but knowledge is power. If you haven’t begun the rabbit hole of research, this is your invitation. We can’t afford to blindly trust. When the blind lead the blind, injury is sure to follow.
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How “informed” were you?

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Sources: CDC, NVIC

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