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When people say this truth-sharing mission is not important to kingdom work, I will bring this to my remembrance – the many faces whose lives have been forever impacted by vaccine injury, as well as those unable to make the journey to DC due to taking care of injured loved ones.

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Barbara Loe Fisher, NVIC
November 2019, VIE Event

“Today the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act looks nothing like the one signed into law in November 1986. Still, it is the only US law confirming that government licensed and state mandated vaccines can and do injure and kill children.
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What else has happened since November 1986? Four BILLION dollars in compensation has been awarded to over 6,000 Americans. But 2 out of 3 vaccine victims are turned away. Today, most of the awards go to the adults injured by flu shots while thousands of families whose children have suffered catastrophic vaccine injuries are left with nothing but medical bills and shattered lives.
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Clearly, public health officials do not want to concede that the risks of vaccination for children are far greater than one in a million. About 35,000 bad health outcomes, including injury and death, are reported to the government every year. That number is less than 1% of the total because doctors are not penalized for failing to report.
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Today, 1 child in 5 is learning disabled. In 1976, it was 1 in 17. Today, 1 child in 6 under age 8 (1 in 2 adolescents & 1 in 4 young adults) is diagnosed with a mental behavioral or emotional disorder. There has been an unexplained 55% increase in depression and anxiety in children since 2003. Today, 1 child in 13 has a food allergy, often life threatening. And food allergies have increased 50% among children since 1997. Today, 1 child in 40 develop autism. It was 1 child in 2,500 in 1991. Today, 1 child in 106 has active epilepsy with recovering seizures and epilepsy is mysteriously increasing among both children and adults. Today, 1 child in 400 has type 1 or type 2 diabetes, which increased 20-40% in one decade and has increased 382% among Americans of all ages since 1988.
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Millions of children and adults are suffering with other types of inflammatory brain and immune system disorders like rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, thyroid disease, guillain barré syndrome, multiple sclerosis, and inflammatory bowel disease. On top of that, America has the worst infant mortality, worst maternal mortality, and worst life expectancy rate of all developed nations. This is a failing public health report card of historic proportions…”

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