better research than the FBI


Mothers who don’t vaccinate their children are highly educated, value scientific knowledge and are sophisticated at researching vaccines.
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Hmmm… Ever heard the saying — A worried mother (and/or father) does better research than the FBI?
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A study from Am J Public Health 2007 Feb (Miller’s Review of Critical Vaccine Studies) analyzed national immunization data on 11,860 children 19-35 months of age to evaluate maternal characteristics that may be associated with whether the child is fully vaccinated. Mothers with a college degree and high incomes were the least likely to fully vaccinate…
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Please note! You do. NOT.  need. the alphabet displayed behind your name to educate yourself on the topic of vaccines – or to give yourself permission to question their safety and effectiveness (because that’s never been proven). If you’ve read an entire insert, congratulations! You now know more than a doctor regarding vaccines, as most cannot name ingredients, adverse reactions, nor how to report them to VAERS, etc. You’ve got this moms and dads!


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