Baby’s first shots


Pregnant? Congratulations!! Here are just a few details you need to know…

The Hep B vaccine given on the first day of life has been linked to:
serious autoimmune disorders, autism, Bell’s palsy, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, RA, Guillian-Barre syndrome, lupus, encephalitis, anaphylactic shock, optic neuritis, and death.

The primary reason that the CDC recommended hepatitis B vaccination for ALL newborns in the United States in 1991 was because public health officials and doctors could not persuade adults in high risk groups (primarily IV drug users and persons with multiple sexual partners) to get the vaccine.

The Vitamin K shot, also given within minutes of your baby’s first breath, it NOT a vitamin and comes with a BLACK BOX WARNING of DEATH, the highest warning a pharmaceutical can have.

There is a reason babies comes out with lower Vitamin K levels — to be able to squeeze its head through the pelvic area during birth. Also, stem cells from cord blood can pass easily throughout the body and brain to repair any damage after delivery. Delayed cord clamping is ideal until it stops pulsing, returning the remaining 1/3 of the baby’s own blood volume. A newborn baby is not able to process the synthetic Vitamin K shot, which can cause liver toxicity from the benzyl alcohol (know any babies with severe jaundice?). The baby’s blood, turning about 7,000 times thicker than normal, makes it challenging for those stem cells to do their job.

It seems as though God knew what He was doing in the original design. And He said it was good. If it’s good enough for Him, it’s good enough for me.

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