we share to warn others


“I have to say something that has bothered me in the last 24 hours. There is a very vocal mother on Instagram who posted that her 3 month old has encephalitis with little detail on what happened. So obviously many concerned parents of injured children just asked could it have been the vaccines?? These parents were mocked and ridiculed.

As a parent who experienced intense pain when both my kids were diagnosed, I am so thankful for the people who spoke the truth! We don’t know the full story but sharing on social media with little details, people will ask questions. Parents please keep sharing your stories on what happened to your kids. If it helps one person connect the dots, it’s worth it!! Injury and death happen, it’s not every circumstance – but bringing it up as a concern should not be ridiculed or mocked!!

It’s so sad what is happening on social media. We are not an agenda or a propaganda anti vax group, we are ex vaxxers who are warning you and helping you put the pieces together.”

– Stephanie Eileen