Animal Care & vaccines

But what about vaxs  for our animals?

If we trust that our creator gave us what we needed, wouldn’t the same thought apply to our beloved animals?

I come to this topic having nearly lost a sweet cat to a vax reaction — years ago, when we still believed our pets needed “well-checks” too. Sigh…  In a nutshell, I had to rush her back to the vet for immediate IV treatment — followed by several days of TLC, feeding her with a syringe, etc. It.  Was.  Awful.  (also, see my pets highlight on Instagram for a little of our Harley story)

But what about the r@b1es jab? “It’s the law.” That’s the most popular question. And one that I sadly cannot (interpret as, will not) answer for you. However… There’s a reason many vets speaking out on this topic are being c3ns0r3d as well. Knowledge is power.

Most mainstream vets will not tell you that there’s a 1 year and 3 year r@b1es jab — and that they are the EXACT SAME. Crazy, I know. What’s even crazier is that they don’t dose according to weight. So your toy poodle and Great Dane get the same dosages. Make it make sense!

I would HIGHLY suggest doing research and getting creative. Just like our children, we are the ones who stand in the gap between our pets and poison.

Start here…