“my duty to speak out”

“As a GP with more than 50 years experience in treating children and their families, I feel it my duty to speak out against the new vaccine mandates, for three main reasons. The first is that there is no emergency to justify vaccinating children against their parents’ wishes, let alone keeping them out of school if they refuse. The second is that the research cited to prove that vaccines are safe and effective falls far short of the rigorous standards that valid medical science must follow. The third is that the Nuremberg Code and the Helsinki Declaration, both of which we helped write and still profess to abide by, explicitly forbid any medical procedure, treatment, or experiment undertaken without the fully-informed consent of the recipient.
Richard Moskowitz, M. D.

In summary:

• There is no emergency
• Claims that vaccines are safe and effective are deceptive
• The vaccine manufacturers design the safety trials
• There is evidence of harm
• Human rights are under attack
• The politics behind the mandates are upside-down

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