save {our} children

ANY child that is saved is worth all the effort. Amen? So thankful for those who have helped Save Children and bring awareness! That being said, the hashtag # SaveTheChildren ITSELF can potentially bring unintended donations directly to the organization CALLED “Save The Children”.

Personally, I’m not typically a fan of hashtags due to the traffic it can lead to and/or bring. Again, personal choice.  However…
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If using this hashtag, it might be a great idea to include information which explains the differences between the purpose of this movement and the actual organization. If people are inclined to donate money, it’s great to know where it’s going.

The organization “Save The Children” has deep ties with: the Gates Foundation, Bezos family, Facebook, Black Rock, Hearst family, Open Society Foundation, etc.  Entire 2018 list in link below.

Many are opting to use “SaveOURChildren” instead… No judgement here (no need to defend reasons for using hashtags), just awareness!

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Attaching the hashtag to victims, you could be sued:

Misconduct at the organization: