operation {mockingbird}

I don’t know who needs to be reminded of this, but we are being played HARD this year.
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Did media even report the worship event in D.C.??
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Did the teLIEvision let you know about Assembly Bill A99? If you live there, I highly recommend reading it – pray for wisdom and wise discernment. Having our children in government-run schools is quickly becoming dangerous. Lord, help us.
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Why would they lie to us, you ask? The list is long, but if you haven’t heard of Operation Mockingbird by now, it would be a good time to look into that.
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The armor of God begins with TRUTH. (Ephesians 6) Let’s clothe ourselves in Him so that we can stand our ground. Amen??


(Removed videos that you tube took down. sigh)

CIA documents
H.R. 5736 Smith-Mundt Act of 2012