operation {mockingbird}

I don’t know who needs to be reminded of this, but we are being played HARD this year.
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Did media even report the worship event in D.C.??
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Did the teLIEvision let you know about Assembly Bill A99? If you live there, I highly recommend reading it – pray for wisdom and wise discernment. Having our children in government-run schools is quickly becoming dangerous. Lord, help us.
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Why would they lie to us, you ask? The list is long, but if you haven’t heard of Operation Mockingbird by now, it would be a good time to look into that.
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The armor of God begins with TRUTH. (Ephesians 6) Let’s clothe ourselves in Him so that we can stand our ground. Amen??


CIA documents
H.R. 5736 Smith-Mundt Act of 2012

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