FaCt cHeCkErS

Just a lil’ something to keep in mind while IG/FB accounts are being c3ns0r3d and/or d3l3t3d. ⠀

L3ad St0ri3$ –>  funded in part by Byt3 D@nc3, a Chin3$3 company (partnered with TikT0k).⠀

P0lti F@ct –> P0ynt3r Institut3, funded by BiJJ & M3lind@ G@t3$ F0und@ti0n. ⠀

Never mind that, according to Sh@ryl Attkisson, 18 of the 20 fb/ig board members coll@bor@ted with or are tied to groups which have received funding from G3org3 $0r0s’ 0p3n $0ci3ty F0und@ti0n$, the most well-funded pr0gre$$ive organization in the country.

Any questions? If you made it through all of that, you’re a genius.

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