don’t be {selfish}

Have you ever had a negative reaction to a medication?

What did you do? You stopped taking it, and your doctor noted it in your file. You were likely told not to ever take that medication again.

If you have a negative reaction to a vaccine, your doctor MAY say, “You shouldn’t take this again, and you probably shouldn’t take any medications LIKE this again.” It may or may not be noted in your file.

Your doctor may also say, “That’s impossible. That doesn’t happen. It’s coincidence.”

There are often differences in how doctors handle reactions, depending on whether it’s an oral medication or a vaccine. Part of this difference may be due to the fact that insurance reimbursement and yearly bonuses are tied to the percentage of vaccine uptake in the practice.

There’s another major difference here.
You can stop taking an oral medication.
You can never un-vaccinate.

Let that sink in.

With the brand new Covid vaccine, using brand new technology, if something happens to you, you cannot sue the manufacturer. You can’t sue the doctor. You can’t sue the nurse who stuck it in your arm.

You’re on your own.

Here is what I would suggest:

If you choose to get the shot, please talk to your friends and family members first. Let them know your plans for long-term care, and how you will pay for it. Ask them if they will be willing to care for you for the rest of your life, if something happens. Ask if they will be willing to give up their career and be with you 24/7 should you require it.

This decision doesn’t just affect you.

Please. Don’t be selfish.

— Marcella Piper-Terry

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