pLan-demic censorship

Are you witnessing the censorship with P l a n d e m i c? Are you beginning to question why? Are you seeing negativity, as expected? I just wanted to highlight a few naysayers that I’ve come across…
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1.)  Mike with On Point Preparedness highlighted Mikki Willis, filmmaker behind P l a n d e m i c and founder of a production company called Elevate. Mike does not discredit the premise of P l a n d e m i c, as he doesn’t seem knowledgeable about the content. He only points out Mikki’s personal beliefs outside of the film.
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As with any other Christ follower, I do NOT condone New Age practices. From what I observed, this film was not about Mikki, but about Dr. Mikovits. I pray none are led to follow Mikki, but instead see the corruption unveiled and begin to ask questions. Even the body of Christ has been deceived on the religion of science. ***I can only vouch for THIS episode with Dr. Mikovits. I will not be, nor do I recommend, following his personal series.
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Dr. Mikovits speaks on CHRISTIAN platforms, as well. Her story remains the same. You can find her on The Truth About Vaccines, produced by a wonderful Christian couple – Ty & Charlene Bollinger (<-They have been heavily censored – even to the point of receiving death threats.)
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AND Dr. Mikovits appears on VaXXed interviews. Polly Tommey, a wonderful Christian advocate, is the voice behind these videos (FB deleted her personal account sharing her son’s vax injury).
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A few links where Dr. Mikovits can be found:
The Truth About Vaccines Docu-series:
(30 minutes in)

(Bus interview)
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2.)  Apparently ZDoggMD had some opinions. He is known for giving misinformation about vaccines and appears uneducated on the topic of aborted babies in relation to vaxs. He is quite the bully when it comes to anyone who is vax-hesitant, even willing to gaslight parents. Please consider the source. The video he made addressing this topic is receiving more dislikes than likes – people are waking up!

While there ARE great doctors out there (our family uses them when needed), not all have our best interest at heart. And sadly not all are aware of the agenda.

3.)  Snopes. Apparently, people still use this? — If you are familiar with George Soros, there’s really nothing more that has to be said.

I have more links, but we get the idea.

“I am so proud to call Dr. Judy Mikovits my friend. She is one of the top five most brilliant, ethical, and courageous people I have ever known. If you haven’t heard her story, please watch and share:” —Marcella Piper-Terry, founder/board member at


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