entertainment {for the littles}

Once you go down some of these rabbit holes, you want to throw your TV right out of the window, amiright?
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Some have asked me, “What is left for my kids to watch?” Personally, our kids LOVED episodes of Veggie Tales growing up. What am I saying? Even our teenagers loved them when we served as youth pastors years ago.  Ha! It’s a very soft introduction to several bible stories (like Esther) and life lessons (trusting God when you’re scared and loving your neighbor well. They also throw in a few silly songs).

There are plenty of episodes [free] on YouTube, but… so. many. ads AND you have to monitor what pops up! The internet can be a scary place.  You can buy dvds or find entire seasons on Apple.
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Once belonging to Phil Vischer, the company changed hands, diluting the message a bit, mentioning God less (you’ll notice the change in animation, as well). Vischer moved on to produce what he always intended to do with Veggie Tales — Digging deeper into bible lessons with “What’s in the Bible?” starring a character named Buck Denver who explores the Old and New Testaments in more detail. He calls it Christianity 101 for kids and says the church tends to underestimate what kids are capable of learning about their faith. ***don’t judge his creative inspirations too harshly. I’m sure he was not aware of the corruption behind big industries, like many of us, years ago.

My hubby re-subscribed us to pureflix.com for some movies we can feel better about supporting.


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