old remedies don’t profit pharma


There were always other simpler, cheaper, and more helpful means to combat diseases. However, if a remedy couldn’t be patented or given the AMA seal of acceptance, it generally would not have ranked in the public or medical eye.
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A 2009 study in the Journal of Cranio-Maxillofacial Surgery showed cinnamon to be effective in hospital acquired infections and antibiotic-resistant bacteria.
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In the majority of cases the person so treated [with cinnamon] escaped the disease [measles] altogether, or else had it in very mild form. -Dr. Drummond, 1919
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In 1899, Dr. C. G. Grant discovered that persons working in cinnamon gardens seemed to be immune to malaria. On trial, he found it valuable in gastroenteritis, recurrent boils, influenza, and he believes typhoid fever, as well.
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Diffusing all of the fall & Christmas oils, especially cinnamon, is one of my all. time. faves! Give me all of the oils!

Don’t get me wrong, I am truly thankful we have trauma care. If I’m ever in a life-altering wreck, please do not throw cinnamon on me and call it a day.  BUT when it comes to “health” care, God created our bodies… as well as the solutions. Amen?!

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