favorite things {NOT} amazon

A life without Amazon. What does that look like??

(click here and here to read just a couple reasons to breakup with amazon)

As many of us are seeking to break away from big box stores, here are a few alternatives to consider. I will be adding to this list, as I come across other proven alternatives. Let me know, if you have any valued businesses.


Thrift Books

For littles:
The Tuttle Twins



Pet Supplies:

Azure Standard (search animal)



This and That
: houseware items, supplements, gifts, etc.

Azure Standard


Life Extensions

Nature’s Warehouse


Swanson Vitamins


Of course, shopping local is great! Some have suggested looking up items in Amazon to read reviews… then order directly from the manufacturer.


*disclaimer: I have not researched every aspect of each of these companies (where they make donations, etc). This is simply to encourage a much-needed breakup from Amazon.